Band Announcements

Caterwaul 2020 Band List

3 day fest in Minneapolis, MN – May 22nd-24th at terminal bar, grumpy’s and turf club curvesandwaves and caterwaul dot org

Bands scheduled to play so far:

Multicult (Baltimore, MD)

Dead Rider (Chicago, IL)

Tongue Party

Djunah (Chicago, IL)

Elephant Rifle (Reno, NV)

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends (mostly Milwuakee, WI)

S E R V I C E (Indianapolis, IN)

Bummer (Kansas City, KC)

Cartographer (SF/LA, CA)

Gay Witch Abortion


Lung (Cincinnati, OH)

Moon Pussy (Denver, CO)

New Primals


Super Thief (Austin, TX)

Tunic (Winnepeg, MB)

Vincas (Athens/Atlanta, GA)

Gaytheist (Portland, OR)

The God Eaters (Marquette, MI)

Reptoid (Oakland, CA)

Advance Ticket information, more bands and Schedule on March 1st.