Caterwaul 2020 Band List

3 day fest in Minneapolis, MN – May 22nd-24th curvesandwaves and caterwaul dot org

Bands scheduled to play so far:

Whores. (Atlanta, GA)
Tar (Chicago, IL)
Kowloon Walled City (Oakland, CA)
Sandrider (Seattle, WA)
The Intelligence (Los Angeles, CA)
Multicult (Baltimore, MD)
Dead Rider (Chicago, IL)
Djunah (Chicago, IL)
Elephant Rifle (Reno, NV)
Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends (mostly Milwaukee, WI)
S E R V I C E (Indianapolis, IN)
Bummer (Kansas City, KC)
Cartographer (SF/LA, CA)
Gay Witch Abortion
powertakeOff (Cabarrus County, N.C.)
Lung (Cincinnati, OH)
Moon Pussy (Denver, CO)
New Primals
Super Thief (Austin, TX)
Tunic (Winnipeg, MB)
Vincas (Athens/Atlanta, GA)
Gaytheist (Portland, OR)
The God Eaters (Marquette, MI)
Reptoid (Oakland, CA)
Bbigpigg (NYC, NY)
Salvation (Chicago, IL)
Asbestos Worker
the Grasshopper Lies Heavy (San Antonio, TX)
Chat Pile (OKC, OK)
Nerver (MO)
Eyedetic (NYC, NY)
Pressed (Memphis, TN)
Kitten Forever

Advance Ticket information, more bands and Schedule on March 2nd…

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