Caterwaul 2020 is cancelled.

This is an announcement we hoped we weren’t going to have to make, but there will be no Caterwaul in 2020.
After thoroughly researching all of the possibilities, we have come to the conclusion that trying to restage it in the fall is simply not going to happen and will be too risky.

Current plan is to try again in Memorial Day 2021.

We know that sounds like Memorial Day 3055 or something, but that’s just the grim reality of the situation. We wanted you all to know about this and we wanted to be as upfront about the process as possible.

Advance ticket holders will be refunded, right now we are looking into the mechanisms for that. As it stands: ticket holders will NOT be getting fees back and we do not agree with that. So we are working on that piece of it. All ticket holders will be refunded though. Moving forward, there will be advance sales for Caterwaul 2021 at a later time.

Moreover: we will regroup and redouble efforts to throw the best rock ‘n roll party we can next year.

Until then: stay safe and be good to each other.